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A Dash of Christmas Magic

Back home for the first time in years for an extended holiday stay, Sinaa is dreading being surrounded by judgmental eyes that make up the small town of Clarington, Tennessee. If it weren’t for her parents, she would have never returned to the town that treated her so awful upon learning of her teen pregnancy. Sinaa’s plans didn’t include a little Christmas magic in the form of a 6’2 chocolate Adonis, but plans were made to be changed. Malachi Long came prepared to be a protector and support system for his sister as she faced a dramatic and draining divorce. What Malachi wasn’t prepared for was laying eyes on the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. Even though he knew his stay would be short, he made it a point to get to know the beauty whose cart looked like a North Pole explosion. All Malachi wanted to do was unwrap her for Christmas, and he was hoping Santa fulfilled wish lists for thirty-three-year-old men. Will Sinaa and Malachi experience some Christmas magic that last beyond the holidays? Or will the sparks that fly fizzle as the new year approaches?


The Marriage Contract – BACK IN STOCK!

Boring. Invisible. Pretty for a plus size girl. Those were all the things I felt about myself, thanks to my chosen career as an accountant and society’s depiction of the perfect female. For once, I wanted to be something, no someone, different. So, I booked a trip to Vegas for my birthday. Then, walks in Soul Matthias, treating me and my body as anything but ordinary. He lit a fire inside of me. However, it wasn’t real. Player. Bad boy. High risk. That’s what the blogs depicted me as. That’s what baseball owners banked on to lowball my contract extension. I didn’t care about social media, but I definitely cared about my money. I had to get my act together. Then, struts in Alexa Livingston. A breath of fresh air, someone completely different than what I had ever been used to. But what we had wasn’t real. It was just a marriage contract. Or was it?


Wild Thoughts, Reckless Nights

Jameela was satisfied in life, until she wasn’t. Her wild thoughts lead to reckless nights… Her reckless nights lead to…


Held In Contempt: An Erotic Novella

Synopsis: When it comes to the matters raised before him in his courtroom, Judge Andreas Kendrick has no problem demanding order in his court. When it comes to Kennedy Glory, well known and respected attorney who is making a name for herself in Washington, D.C., his robe and gavel holds no power. In fact, Kennedy holds the power and does as she pleases. Kennedy is at the top of her game, holding a Juris Doctorate from Stanford University, partner at a top law firm in Washington, D.C., and is on a hot streak with a winning record before the Court. Maintaining a solid career and a great sex life has always been in the forefront of Kennedy’s mind. Having both laid before her, Kennedy sees no need to allow others to put her in a box, or live by anyone else’s standards. The one thing Kennedy can’t deny; is how Andreas commands her body. The way he reads her every desire and lights her skin ablaze, always has Kennedy weak in the knees, ready to give into his demands. Will Andreas and Kennedy get what they want and need from one another and be able to live by their own standards? Or will everything fall apart right in front of their eyes? Take this erotic ride with them and find out.


Just Wanna Be Loved Too

Kira felt like she was losing control, so she retreated. Haneef was ready to pursue his future with Kira. Instead, he was left mending a broken heart. Fast forward… Kira believes she’s ready for love. Haneef is ready to have peace of mind. The tide came in and washed away all that Kira and Haneef previously shared. Can they rebuild what was destroyed? More importantly, can they rebuild it with one another? Just Wanna Be Loved Too will take you on an emotional journey of love, heartache, and mental illness. Buckle up for the ride!


Just Wanna Be Love

Synopsis: Hurt people, hurt people. No truer words have ever been spoken when it comes to Kira McDaniels trying to find her place in the world. Growing up in a broken and toxic home has left her unable to show love, and more importantly, receive love. How can one accept love from another when her own parents abandoned her and left her to fend for herself mentally, emotionally, and physically? Kira pushed through life with a hard exterior protecting her and focused on being better than her parents. However, the lack of guidance as a young woman has left her broken, and Kira doesn’t know what to do when Haneef Young walks into her life, showing her things could be different. Haneef is not a perfect man by any means. He grew up in the streets, worked hard to get his business off the ground, and stayed on his grind to get away from illegal dealings. Focused on his money and his end goal, Haneef wasn’t looking for love. It was something he had very little experience with, however, as soon as he laid eyes on Kira, he saw the bright aura trapped behind beautiful dark eyes and wanted to free her from her pain. No matter how hard she tried to push him away, Haneef always showed up, letting Kira know that she had someone in her corner. Kira and Haneef’s journey to love is anything but easy. The two experience many trials and tribulations… but love is a beautiful thing. Take this journey with Kira and Haneef to find out if love can truly conquer all.


Stay Forever

Synopsis: Choosing his career over a relationship, Blake Russell left Serena Howard in Philadelphia to pursue opportunities in San Francisco. After being away for almost a year and a half, Blake is back in the city of Brotherly Love, and still holding onto feelings for Serena. Even with the time that passed, he’s never quite gotten over her or how their situation ended. Being back in his hometown, with memories of their time spent, Blake makes it his mission to check on Serena. Serena’s life went from zero to one hundred real quick. Graduating from law school, opening her own practice, and other life altering events, left Serena with little to no time to be stuck in her head daydreaming about the past, or wondering “what if”. Her sole focus was on the things that were, and the demands of her life. With time, distance, and secrets between them, what will happen when Blake and Serena come face to face? What feelings will they invoke in one another? Love? Hate? Resentment? Will they be able to reignite their flame? So many things left unanswered. They both thought their paths were leading them in different directions, but there they were, back in one another lives, with so much energy swirling between them. NOTE: This is a two-part series and Stay Forever is the second book. It is encouraged to read Stay A Little Longer before reading Stay Forever.


Stay A Little Longer

Serena Howard and Blake Russell are two driven individuals with tunnel vision when it comes to their goals. The two meet in Philadelphia, and sparks fly immediately. They date, have fun, and eventually fall for one another. Will the desire to achieve their goals interfere with their feelings for one another? Will they sever ties, or will their connection be too strong to break?


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Just Wanna Be Love Series Combo Pack

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