Upcoming Releases

On February 15th, you will be introduced to Soul and Alexa in The Marriage Contract!!


DEBUT RELEASE: Stay A Little Longer… COMING July 7th!!!

7 thoughts on “Upcoming Releases

  1. When I a the New Book coming out about Kira and Haneef they seem to make a cute couple together she just need a little help alone the way


    1. Hi Darlene! I’m in the lab working on them now! Hopefully their story will be out before the end of the year. Thanks for your support! I really appreciate it. xoxo, Shay


  2. I’m so hurt right now 😞 Just wanna be loved-was an incredible Book! Broke my heart that it ended so abruptly. I’m dying to continue reading this. When is the continuation going to be complete?


    1. Good morning Donna! I am so glad that you enjoyed Just Wanna Be Loved. I am currently working on part 2, but it won’t be too long of a wait, I promise. Thank you so much for supporting me! XOXO Shay!


  3. Just Wanna Be Loved was a page turner. I hadn’t had time to read in years, but late one night I was looking on Facebook in this book reading group I had joined and your book was recommend. I sat up and read that book page for page that same night. I loved it!! Can’t wait for part 2!!


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